You can't go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending!
October 3rd marks 90 days until the end of this year. And as much as this year has had its own unique challenges, let's be honest - it has been really rough for a lot of us.

October 3rd marks 90 days until the end of this year. And as much as this year has had its own unique challenges, let’s be honest – it has been really rough for a lot of us.

Something this pandemic certainly puts in perspective is how fragile life is. However, so many of us live life as though this simply isn’t the case. Instead of making the most of each and every day, we let one Netflix binge roll into another. We too often say “I’ll start tomorrow” and “Tomorrow’s a new day”. We need to remember that time is precious, and despite all the challenges we have on our plates, we have so much to be grateful for, and we still have more power than we give ourselves credit for! It is time to tap into that! It is time to take back control of our lives! It is time to DIG DOWN DEEP and make something great out of this year! 2020 can not and will not go down in history as our worst year ever – we know too much and have been through worse – we can and we will make something good out of all of this. That is who we are. That is this community – we’re in this together.

This is normally my favorite challenge of the year, BUT I will tell you – I personally need this challenge more this year than any other. And I am looking for a team to do this with me! I know when I feel down and out, or drained and out of balance – structure, routine, breathing, eating better and working out consistently will pull me right out of any hole.

Email Joy at Joy@tribalance.com
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Practicing At Home? See Our Virtual PUSH Schedule Below!

Monday Zoom Classes
6am Rush Hour
930am TriBalance Hot Yoga

Tuesday Zoom Classes
930am TriBalance Hot Yoga
6pm Beginners Yoga

Wednesday Zoom Classes
6am Rush Hour
930 TriBalance Hot Yoga
6pm Total Body Barre

Thursday Zoom Classes
930am TriBalance Hot Yoga
6pm Beginners Yoga

Friday Zoom Classes
6am TriBalance Hot Yoga
9am Strength & Conditioning
930am TriBalance Hot Yoga

Saturday Zoom Classes
8am TriBalance Hot Yoga
930am Total Body Barre
3pm TriBalance Hot Yoga

Sunday Zoom Classes
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6pm Yin Yoga

Take the 90-Day Transformation PUSH Challenge and change your mind, body, and your life with the help of each other, our staff, yoga classes, fitness classes, our personal trainers, meditation, nutritional guidance and support, weekly weigh ins and all the encouragement you will need. The time is NOW!

The Launch – Goal Setting and Measurements:

October 3rd Starts the first day of the challenge. There will be pre-testing (Body fat, food plan, and fitness testing) Sign up at the front desk for a testing slot

The Challenge

Take a minimum of 5 classes a week. This includes any of our yoga classes, fitness classes, or personal training sessions.

Additional Support

There will be pre, mid and post body fat measurements and testing. We also offer a few food plans for you to follow. Plus, you will even have access to extra support from our Dietitian along the way.

Online support and information.

Every week, support emails will go out to keep you motivated. We have a Facebook group to join to support and encourage each other through this journey. Some things included in these emails are nutrition tips and recipes, and a guide on how to survive the holidays – lots of fun, yummy, and healthy alternatives for holiday dining!


Increase in your self worth, more energy, more stamina, looking and feeling like you deserve to feel everyday of your life! Everyone will receive awesome TriBalance 90 Day Push Challenge Tank Tops. AND… The first place woman and first place man that make the biggest changes in their lives and bodies through this challenge WILL WIN A FREE YEAR MEMBERSHIP!
CHALLENGE YOURSELF: It takes 21 days to form a new habit and in the grand scheme of life, that’s not so long… First we make our habits, and then our habits make us.


$95/month for classes and just $99 to set up for all testing, nutrition plan and materials for the challenge
Not Ready to come into the studio yet- but want to take part in the challenge
We are offering a Virtual PUSH $59/month (we can set up one on one testing times too just for you) $99 for Push launch, nutrition plan and materials


We need to stay together through this challenge – We are stronger together! The TriBalance community is a resilient bunch – let’s continue moving in the only direction we know and that is UP!
This year may have started with some storms, but Storms are what we were built for. Muscle grows by pushing back against resistance
When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.