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A Better ME – A 90 Day PUSH Testimonial

Three months ago, I decided to challenge myself to complete the 90 Day Push.  I have always been a person who works out and eats healthy, so I was not prepared for the level of commitment that this challenge would be.  This challenge was truly life changing for me and for the people around me.
The commitment of five classes per week required a major shift in priorities.  On the days that I was not on shift at the fire department, I knew that I had to fit in a yoga class.  It became automatic that I would put the kids on the bus and head out the door for 930 hot yoga.  Since I work 24 or 48 hour shifts at the fire department, I have to say that the guys at work indirectly benefited from the 90 Day Push as well.  I was recommitted to working out, so as the lieutenant, I set the example by trying new intense workout programs at work.  Now all of the guys on my shift are doing the Body Beast and feeling great!  We work out together every day, challenging each other to work harder.  
Also, because of the nutrition plan, we no longer buy snack foods or high carbohydrate foods at the station.  We went from buying two bags of chips a day to buying no chips- now we only get fruit and vegetables.  The firefighters at my station are all leaner and stronger 90 days after I started this program.  
The focus on making good nutritional choices has had an impact on my family as well.  Since my wife and I are both doing this program, our kids have been forced to eat healthier as well.  We do not buy snack foods at all anymore, and our meals are generally higher in lean proteins and lower in carbs.  
The kids also see that my wife and I have prioritized exercise and they have been joining us in this commitment as well.  Our kids are learning from our example and have even been working out with us. My wife and I have become closer as a result of this challenge.  We have been supporting each other and we’ve even been planning our date nights around nutrition and fitness goals.  We are enjoying spending time together because we are both looking our best and have a lot of energy for the physical activities that we enjoy doing together.
This has been an incredible journey.  
I am happy that I made the decision to PUSH for a better me