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Your First Visit

Initial Intake

After you complete a health history form and give consent to treatment, you’ll be asked a variety of Western healthy history questions, along with Eastern medicine questions (pulse, tongue diagnosis and palpation).

During Treatment

Depending on the area of treatment, you may be in a gown or remain in your clothing. You’ll be educated each step of the way regarding your treatment plan of care and why you’re receiving it.


The initial exam can last up to an hour and a half, while follow-up treatments are 30-60 minutes depending on case/severity. All information is confidential and full payment of services is expected at the end of each treatment session.

TriBalance Acupuncture


We’re just past the front desk.

t (847) 301-7305
f (847) 301-7304

Treatment Hours
Hours/availability may vary— visit the practitioners page for more details.

TUES       9am – 7pm
WED       9am – 7pm
THURS    9am – 7pm
FRI          9am – 7pm
SAT.        9am – 4pm
SUN        9am – 4pm

I devote my practice to do all that I can to bring my patients back into the balance of body, mind, and spirit, so that they may experience and enjoy their gift of life.
 -Cherlyn Coplon LAc. Dipl. O.M.

Conditions Treated With Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

The following is a list of conditions commonly treated by acupuncture and herbal medicine. This list is not exhaustive, so call or email us if you have questions about your specific condition.


Alcohol Dependance | Substance Abuse | Tobacco


Acne | Psoriasis | Skin Disorders

Digestive Disorders

Acid Reflux | Constipation | Diarrhea | Digestive Issues | GERD | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Ulcerative Colitis


Diabetes | Hyper/Hypothyroidism

General Wellness

ADD/ADHD | Allergy/Asthma | Cellulite | Cold/Flu Symptoms | Detoxification | Facial Rejuvenation | Fatigue | Immune Function | Health Maintenance | High/Low Blood Pressure | Kidney Stones | Sleep Disturbances | Urinary Disorders | Weight Loss


Arthritis | Back Pain | Bell’s Palsy | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Disc Herniation | Fibromyalgia | Headache | Migraine | Sciatica

Psychological Wellness

Anxiety | Depression | Eating Disorders | Grievance | OCD | PTSD | Stress


Chemotherapy/Radiation Side Effects | Post-Operative Care | Scars/Burns/Wounds | Stroke Rehabilitation

Reproductive Health

Erectile Dysfunction | Impotence | Infertility | Irregular Menstration | Low Libido | Menopausal Symptoms | PMS