The Fall Equinox

I wanted to introduce myself, I am Margie Mack, The Happy Medium and I work at Tribalance Yoga Studio. I wanted to talk about what I do, but mostly about the importance of this time of year. I’m a Medium who is also able to use Tarot cards as a roadmap to help you maneuver through your life choices. The most difficult time that we have is when we stand face-to-face with decisions. And I can be that somebody that you have somebody to go to and give answers to your questions and also a glimpse of what could be.

Even I use a mentor. I call my friend who is a gifted psychic and medium, and she gives me the best possible advice for making decisions that she can. But ultimately, it’s my own intuition (that we all have) that moves me along life’s path.

Now, we are in the Fall Equinox! This is the time of Thanksgiving, assessment and transition. With the heat of the summer waning, this is the season when our ancestors would have gathered their resources and prepared for the coming darkness.

Within the “chrysalis” of transformation, we are suspended in perfect balance of light and dark. It is in the reign of the Queen, when the goddess, not yet Chrone, gathers her gifts for harvest and prepared to enter the underworld: a cauldron of deep change. It is time to take stock of our lives. I find myself looking inward, with gratitude for the blessings and challenges of the past and I ponder the questions that I must carry into the solitude of winter.

I look to “Oya”, Queen of change and transition, and whisper to her to be gentle. It is a prayer, a request, a chant; “I asked that change come, but come gently as a stand in perfect balance and choose which path to take forward”. As we enter into the quiet time of our life coupled with celebration of Thanksgiving family and friends, when the veil is the thinnest, and our loved ones, ancestors, and guides are standing there waiting to help us, do not be afraid, I’m always here to answer questions and to help make this the best possible life you can live.

Margie Mack “The Happy Medium”

Restorative Yoga

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Yin Yoga

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