[A Special Message From Joy at Tribalance]

Hello my yoga family! I am finally taking my head up from getting everything going online here at the studio and finding a chance to reach out to you all. I miss seeing your faces in the yoga room and in the halls. But we will see each other in person again, and God willing- Soon! I know some of you are really struggling with this physical isolation. I want to call it “physical isolation” for a reason. One of our greatest skills as human beings has always been our ability to come together- to gather together, to congregate in times of crisis.

That has been stripped away from us. But just because we can not be “physically” together does not mean that we are not connected and that we can’t still connect to each other each day. I have been resisting technology my entire life! And this period of time has taught me to be grateful for the advancements so many have made that has enabled us to connect through the screens today.

But balance is the key with that right. Attachment to anything is a slippery slope.

In yoga we talk about how attachment is the cause of suffering. Right now we are suffering because we are attached to losing the things that we loved so much. The thing is though, those things are not lost. We have a temporary new norm to contend with and I know we can handle that. We talk in yoga class all the time to let go of the things that no longer serve us- and we should do that, That is Yoga 101, Beginner level yoga. Letting go of the things you love- now THAT is a really advanced practice And I know we all are ready to advance. Remember when you let go of what was you make room for what is and for the blessings waiting to unfold into your life.

Let’s put our Yoga into Action! We need to let go of our attachment to the way things were and embrace the way things are right now. This new norm has positives within it. I bet you are finding little things each day to be grateful for. And if not- let us help you work to find some.

Stop Look and Listen! Get on your mat! BREATHE, Give yourself the space to HEAR the answers.

This period is a lesson for us to slow down, to reconnect to ourselves, to reconnect to the Earth, and to learn to really connect to each other!

How many times have we talked about noticing couples we see at restaurants sitting across from each other with their noses in their phones just texting away to someone other than the one they are with. This is a period for us to learn how to be with one another again, Fully present and without distractions. This is an opportunity to really deal with things that have we have been avoiding for far too long. Dealing with these things may be messy at the start, but they will only give us an opportunity for understanding, growth and ultimately happiness! The only way out is Through!

Let’s start talking and supporting each other the best ways that we can! Even if that is just a kind word or simply to say “I understand”, “I am here” and “you are not alone.” We are STRONGER TOGETHER I love this community! This is a community brought together by the drive to persevere, to grow, to elicit change and to light up the world.

I know for me when I start to slip down a rabbit hole of sorts, my way back are these things: My Community of supportive and encouraging beings, getting back on my healthy routine of meditation and yoga, and holding myself to better eating and sleeping patterns!

Let’s do that for now! Do I hear a CHALLENGE coming on-
Should we call it the Quarantine Fitness Challenge- YES – let’s go! Who’s in this with me??

GET online with us 5 days a week minimum! Just like the PUSH challenge
If you need help with nutrition let me know that too! We are happy to help
There’s nothing to win except your sanity and yourself.

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If 5 days feels like too much with your schedule right now, see if you can commit to three days a week.
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But regardless of what you decide, get a routine that works best for you and let us support you!

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How To Thrive w/ Your Facebook Addiction

My name is Dr K and I am a Facebook addict. I confess to having spent many hours on Facebook skipping important activities.  Fortunately,   recent research shows that we can significantly benefit from your time online on Social Media.

You heard me right! Spend more time on Facebook!  Research shows that people who feel connected with their family and friends and share even trivial aspects of daily life are happier and less stressed than “disconnected” people.  Even introverts benefit from connections to the people they are closest to.

Disclaimer: Before you go on a Facebook binge, I will warn you that Facebook can be a big time-waster. I do not have Facebook on my phone and I have to login and out of Facebook on my laptop to access latest messages and updates. This reduces my Facebook time considerably. I also do not access Facebook at all on Saturdays.

OK – proceed further with caution! 🙂

Here are three ways to enhance your Facebook connections:

  1. Make time for quality interactions with your family and friends. It is not enough to add a quick note on FB on a person’s birthday. Make a special effort to think about the person and write a detailed birthday note in their timeline or by private messaging.
  2. Use your FB status frequently and wisely. Use the FB status to ask for advice and help. Use this opportunity to reciprocate.  Support your family and friends efforts, do random acts of kindness and leverage FB to enhance your giving nature.
  3. Like and follow your passions in Face Book. Do you like calligraphy? Do you enjoy movies? Find FB groups and contribute regularly to these groups.

There are two major categories of support that a good group of close family members and friends can provide you a) emotional and social support b) information on important decisions. Do not underestimate the value of the support, information and help that you provide to your network too! It feels good to help and support other people!

BUT make sure you are aware of key challenges with using Facebook regularly.

  1. Be mindful of any objectionable or indecent material that you post or read daily.
    Irrespective of FB privacy settings, there is always a possibility that private and personal information you post can be become public knowledge.
  2. Remove FB from your phone. Make it a mindful activity to login into your face book and log out rather than keep it on all the time. Facebook can become a distraction or a tool to promote procrastination on important tasks of your life.
  3. Learn to unfriend toxic friends and family members – If you  are in a stage in life, where particular friends or family members are being a bother or a challenge, remove them from your list of friends and avoid online interactions and provide them an avenue of communication online.


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The Fall Equinox

I wanted to introduce myself, I am Margie Mack, The Happy Medium and I work at Tribalance Yoga Studio. I wanted to talk about what I do, but mostly about the importance of this time of year. I’m a Medium who is also able to use Tarot cards as a roadmap to help you maneuver through your life choices. The most difficult time that we have is when we stand face-to-face with decisions. And I can be that somebody that you have somebody to go to and give answers to your questions and also a glimpse of what could be.

Even I use a mentor. I call my friend who is a gifted psychic and medium, and she gives me the best possible advice for making decisions that she can. But ultimately, it’s my own intuition (that we all have) that moves me along life’s path.

Now, we are in the Fall Equinox! This is the time of Thanksgiving, assessment and transition. With the heat of the summer waning, this is the season when our ancestors would have gathered their resources and prepared for the coming darkness.

Within the “chrysalis” of transformation, we are suspended in perfect balance of light and dark. It is in the reign of the Queen, when the goddess, not yet Chrone, gathers her gifts for harvest and prepared to enter the underworld: a cauldron of deep change. It is time to take stock of our lives. I find myself looking inward, with gratitude for the blessings and challenges of the past and I ponder the questions that I must carry into the solitude of winter.

I look to “Oya”, Queen of change and transition, and whisper to her to be gentle. It is a prayer, a request, a chant; “I asked that change come, but come gently as a stand in perfect balance and choose which path to take forward”. As we enter into the quiet time of our life coupled with celebration of Thanksgiving family and friends, when the veil is the thinnest, and our loved ones, ancestors, and guides are standing there waiting to help us, do not be afraid, I’m always here to answer questions and to help make this the best possible life you can live.

Margie Mack “The Happy Medium”