We are excited to announce that Dr. Jeremy DeMaria has come on board to offer Chiropractic medicine and musculoskeletal treatments at TriBalance Center. Explore the ways adding Chiropractic care to your wellness plan can benefit your body, mind & spirit.

Services & Techniques

Services Provided

Adjustments & spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, exercise rehabilitation, pelvic floor and respiratory rehab, craniosacral therapy, yoga therapy, etc.

Techniques Utilized

Motion Palpation, Gonstead, Mckenzie therapy (MDT), Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), FMS/SFMA, and much more!

Chiropractic Pricing

New Patient Exam / Chiropractic Treatment $105
Follow-Up 30 min. $55
Follow-Up 15 min. $35
Craniosacral Therapy 60 min. $85

Jeremy’s Office Hours


Schedule by visiting or calling the front desk.

t (847) 301-7305
f (847) 301-7304

Treatment Hours

SUNDAY: Email directly to schedule
MONDAY: Closed
TUESDAY: 2-7pm
THURSDAY: 12-5pm
FRIDAY: 7:30-2pm
SATURDAY: 12-4pm

Meet Dr. Jeremy DeMaria

Chiropractic Physician, Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher

Dr. Jeremy’s passion for health and wellness began with a degree from the University of Illinois Chicago with a bachelors in kinesiology. He has since then graduated with his doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences. In his continuing quest for knowledge, Jeremy attained his 200-hour yoga teacher training certification at Tribalance Yoga Center and is also a level 3 Reiki practitioner.

Jeremy has additionally completed numerous courses & certifications in craniosacral therapy, musculoskeletal alignment technique and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. Having studied human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics for almost 10 years, Jeremy’s passion is to combine a variety of gentle joint mobilizations, muscle energy and craniosacral techniques to optimize the innate healing capabilities in all his patients.