Boot Camp

45 minutes of pure fitness! Working every element of what makes you fit and healthy. Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Balance and Comaraderie
Get Stronger- body mind soul-
with the best instructors around!

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a HIGH INTENSITY, HIGH ENERGY, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING FOCUSED CLASS. Build overall strength, balance and flexibility in this class designed to challenge you to your body and mind.

Bodyweight exercises, bands, suspension trainers and more, are used to help lose fat and build muscle. Modifications due to fitness level, physical challenges and prior injuries are provided to ensure a safe and effective workout for everyone. This is a great class for weight loss.

*Please bring gym shoes

Boxing 101

If you’ve ever considered getting in the ring, here’s your chance. Introducing BOXING 101 to TriBalance! Everyone is welcome to come learn how to take a proper stance and throw a punch with technique. This class is designed for everyone of all ages. Take the time to invest in yourself by not only learning how to defend yourself in the proper way, but to have fun and break a sweat while doing it.

*Bring boxing gloves

Fit Hit Boxing

Fit Hit Boxing is a FULL-BODY CONDITIONING CLASS that COMBINES CARDIO, STRESS RELIEF, PHYSICAL STRENGTH and MENTAL TOUGHNESS. You’ll explore all the punches (jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, and more), combinations, and a little self-defense in each explosive workout class. Boxing conditioning is an excellent way to build upper body strength, and the speed and balance make a powerful leg workout as well. This is an ideal workout for athletes, especially those who want more speed in their hands and feet. It is also ideal for yogis who are looking to ignite the fire within.