Wall Rope Yoga

This class aims to provide students with the fundamentals and methodology of proper alignment, posture modifications, correct breathing, prop usage and wall ropes. The goal for this class is to give beginners and experienced students creative ways to explore each pose with a greater understanding of intelligent alignment and the benefits each pose holds.

* This class includes supported, moderate inversions. If inversions are not suitable for your practice feel free to let the teacher know so they may give you appropriate variations to suit your continuing practice.

Boot Camp

45 minutes of pure fitness! Working every element of what makes you fit and healthy. Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Balance and Comaraderie
Get Stronger- body mind soul-
with the best instructors around!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga combines the traditional seated yogic postures with Chinese Taoist qi theory, BALANCING ENERGY FLOW THROUGH CHAKRAS AND MERIDIANS. This class will focus on long holds in a relaxed state to gently traction the bones of the legs, hips, and spine. Long holds of floor postures with relaxed muscles will restore elasticity to your fascia, ligaments, and tendons, restoring your joints to optimum health. This is particularly helpful for athletes, because most people don’t leave sports for muscle injury, but for joint or tendon reasons. Yin Yoga balances a lifestyle of vigorous movement with stillness, calming your nervous system. It is also beneficial for those who work at a desk, as Yin Yoga helps you sit comfortably for longer periods of time. You will be able to focus your awareness to areas that are out of balance, focusing and condensing qi and prana for healing.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Yin Flow is a complete practice combining slow mindful vinyasa (breath synchronized movement) with the gentle opening of yin postures…vinyasa targets muscle to lengthen and strengthen the body while yin targets connective tissue (ligaments, tendons) to increase flexibility and mobility of the joints…slow mindful movement combined with focused breathing leaves the body feeling refreshed and the mind calm…could not ask for a better way to start your day.

*Formerly Slow Flow Yin

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a HIGH INTENSITY, HIGH ENERGY, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING FOCUSED CLASS. Build overall strength, balance and flexibility in this class designed to challenge you to your body and mind.

Bodyweight exercises, bands, suspension trainers and more, are used to help lose fat and build muscle. Modifications due to fitness level, physical challenges and prior injuries are provided to ensure a safe and effective workout for everyone. This is a great class for weight loss.

*Please bring gym shoes

Release Yoga

Release Yoga is a gentle flow yoga for all levels of practioners. It incorporates postures that STIMULATE THE METABOLISM AND THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. The class acknowledges that excessive weight often stems from emotional stress and offers a practice based on awareness, ownership and kindness that will help take the peace experienced on the mat into the world to more effectively manage your emotions and your weight. The class is not only for physical weightloss but also the emotional and mental weight that is carried. Release Yoga also offers weekly inspirations that can be taken off the mat to accelerate the path to a more centered self.

Prenatal Yoga

Relieve your aching back muscles, soothe the stress of hormonal shifts, and treat your body like the temple it truly is for the new life within you. Prepare for your baby’s birth with a community of mothers-to-be. Explore and connect to your body and your baby as we move through GENTLE YOGA POSTURES and BREATHING EXERCISES DESIGNED TO NOURISH STRENGTH AND SOFTNESS. We can modify poses for any stage of pregnancy. Still have questions? Ask our founders Corey and Shawnda how yoga helped with their best project to date – their son.

*We do not recommend hot yoga during pregnancy

Power Fusion

Power Fusion flow will burn calories, tone, strengthen and balance your body, calm your mind and leave stronger with each breath. This vigorous yet accessible style of Power Vinyasa yoga will help you to connect with and release your true potential. CHALLENGE YOURSELF TODAY.

Karma Class

What you put out into the world comes back to you. How you live your life determines what kind of life you will have. TriBalance is putting it out there, just for YOU! New to our class schedule: Karma Class. These classes will be free to everyone and taught by new teachers donating their time. This is a non-heated class and all levels are welcome. All we’re asking is that we join together as a yoga family to help our community. Help us spread the love by DONATING TO THE SCHAUMBURG FOOD PANTRY. Grab a friend and join us. This is the perfect time to not only do what you love, but to give to those in need.

Make Stress Your Friend: Discover Meditation with Dr K

Discover how 15 minutes of daily meditation can beat anxiety, stress and fatigue. Learn about recent scientific studies that show you can make positive changes in your brain and become more calm, stress free and positive. Find how you can turn worry upside down and leverage your imagination to energize and relax you. Create your own stress-reduction routines based on your strengths and life schedules Learn non-religious meditation from an expert with 15 years of experience. Enjoy a relaxing session of guided meditation and learn key secrets to a powerful meditation practice. You will learn, with just a few minutes of meditation every day, you can be more calm, relaxed and happy.