Total Body Barre

Total Body Barre is a fun, high energy, dance inspired full body workout that will tone and sculpt your legs, bottom, arms and abs! Using the ballet barre as well as mat exercises, each muscle group will be worked through targeted movements followed by deep stretching. No dance experience required and open to all levels.

Boxing 101

If you’ve ever considered getting in the ring, here’s your chance. Introducing BOXING 101 to TriBalance! Everyone is welcome to come learn how to take a proper stance and throw a punch with technique. This class is designed for everyone of all ages. Take the time to invest in yourself by not only learning how to defend yourself in the proper way, but to have fun and break a sweat while doing it.

*Bring boxing gloves

Beginners Yoga

This class is wonderful for people new to yoga or those looking to come back to the basics and practice! The beginner yoga class focuses on practicing with correct alignment and proper breathing. This class flows at a slower pace allowing students to observe demos, become familiar with props and learn the anatomical benefits of the poses. This class is focused on learning, having fun with the practice and building a strong and caring community.

Ashtanga Mysore Yoga

The Mysore Style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is named after the city in India where the late Sri K. Pahttabhi Jois started this style of asana. New students begin the practice by learning the sun salutations and a few of the initial standing postures. As you begin to integrate the sequence into your memory and feel a sense of ease in the postures, we add additional poses. All students begin with the primary series, “yoga chikitsa,” which means yoga therapy. This practice heals and strengthens the body, preparing it for a deeper physical and meditative practice. Because the MYSORE STYLE IS TAUGHT IN AN INDIVIDUALISTIC MANNER, adjustments and modifications will help you progress in the safest and most appropriate way.

Instructors who teach this class:


Fit Hit Boxing

Fit Hit Boxing is a FULL-BODY CONDITIONING CLASS that COMBINES CARDIO, STRESS RELIEF, PHYSICAL STRENGTH and MENTAL TOUGHNESS. You’ll explore all the punches (jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, and more), combinations, and a little self-defense in each explosive workout class. Boxing conditioning is an excellent way to build upper body strength, and the speed and balance make a powerful leg workout as well. This is an ideal workout for athletes, especially those who want more speed in their hands and feet. It is also ideal for yogis who are looking to ignite the fire within.

TriBalance Hot Yoga

TriBalance Hot Yoga is the core of our practice: let it be the core of yours.