Meet Our 2018 P.U.S.H Winner – Jason! | TriBalance

Meet Our 2018 P.U.S.H Winner – Jason!

We want to Congratulate all of our P.U.S.H. participants for completing this program. The transformations we saw were incredible! Our top 3 winners with the highest percentage of change from beginning to end were only separated by .01 difference! Jason G. is our winner and wanted to share about his experience. Read what he had to say below. Thank you, Jason! Namaste!

“First off, I’d like to thank everyone at Tribalance. You are all so amazing. This studio and the 90 day PUSH challenge changed my life.

I’ve always been in decent shape with volleyball and weightlifting being large parts of my life, but before I joined the studio and started doing yoga, I was having a really tough time. I suffered from anxiety, depression, and a lack in self-confidence. It felt like I was just meandering through life, not knowing my purpose or what I wanted out of myself. I stuffed my issues down with food and alcohol. Temporary solutions to problems that weren’t going to fix themselves. I saw the 90 Day Push Challenge and thought “eh why not lose a few pounds?” Who would’ve thought my whole life would turn around.

Meeting all of these 90 day pushers, these instructors, hearing everyone’s stories, their struggles; it inspired me to be something so much more than I am. Sometimes it might have been hard to relate to others, with me being one of the youngest in a group of mostly females, but their strength was apparent, and our paths all went in the same direction; forward. I had to be better for myself, find my strength within, and rediscover who I was meant to be. I would never have made it through this challenge without the 90 Day PUSH family.

Diet was so obviously huge for me. It was hard for the first 30 days to stick to it and count my nutrients, but then it all became routine. I can honestly say I don’t miss the food or alcohol I was having before (even those cookies at the end didn’t taste as good as they have in the past) because I don’t need those things to feel good anymore. The only thing I crave now is connection with my body and mind (and cauliflower). Yoga has made me fall in love with myself and myself again.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could be 7.5% body fat at 170 lbs, but the thing I am most proud of is that I have found a confidence in myself that I could never have found without practicing yoga with you guys.

Thank you so much to the studio, you, and all the instructors for pushing me through this challenge. “




Jason G.