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Now offering Nutrition counseling

Our Mindful Nutritional Program offers 1 on 1 personalized nutrition & diet assistance.
Life is too short to be constantly stressing about what, when and how to eat! Let us help you take the stress out of meal planning, grocery shopping, and simply help you learn how to eat efficiently for your body type and your health goals.

The program is designed to give an individual baseline knowledge on food, nutrition and meal scheduling. Each week you will meet with a nutrition counselor to review your current eating habits. In these meetings you will discuss different strategies that can be implemented into your diet and routine, as well as necessary changes to give you the most effective and manageable meal plan for your lifestyle. Our mission is to guide you in creating a food plan that keeps you healthy, strong and moving in a positive direction for the long term that is manageable and enjoyable for you!

Mindful Nutrition

Program Duration: 12 weeks


  • 1 on 1 in person nutritional counseling session once a week
    (30 minute sessions, 1st session is 1 hour)
  • Group grocery shopping session
  • Email, text, phone call assistance for “on the fly” questions
  • Recipe assistance
  • Financial diet planning
  • Discounts on other nutrition and food workshops


  • You must bring and use a blank “college rule” note book to record meals and take notes
    (no apps)
  • Handwriting will keep you accountable and will aid retention of covered materials
  • If you are unable to attend a 1 on 1 session you must reschedule a make-up session within the same week as the originally scheduled session or the session will be lost

Price $500*

*for 12 weeks Paid in Full (save $100) or 3 monthly payments of $200/month