New Students

We want you to enjoy your experience with us to the fullest. New yogis and experienced students alike may want to prepare for his or her first class at TriBalance.

We ask that all new students arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts to register. If you want to be extra prepared, you can download the form here and bring it in with you.

Locker Rooms
We have fully-equipped locker rooms for our students; six showers, six bathroom stalls, and an abundance of lockers. If you need a lock to borrow, leave your ID at the desk when you sign in. Keep in mind though, all locks are cut at the end of the day.

Before Class
Most of our classes are first come, first served, in person. We encourage you to arrive early, find a spot, and quietly shift gears to your yoga practice.

We work hard to keep the studio floors clean. Water bottles spill and people sweat and we mop (happily). Please help us by never wearing shoes in the yoga rooms and discard gum and food before class.

Also, used tissues, water bottles, wrappers of any kind, and anything else that belongs in the garbage should go to the garbage. This is our home; please treat at as if it were your own.

We come to yoga to let go, release anxiety, and leave the stress of daily life for a bit. New students are conditioned to the hustle and bustle of daily life and we understand, but please turn off your cell phones in class. If you absolutely need it, please quietly leave the room while in class and return when you are finished. If you need to Shazam, ask the teacher to see their playlist… we are happy to SHARE!

People are coming to class to find PEACE and QUIET. Let’s respect all fellow yogis and their personal time to find stillness. When you enter the yoga rooms, please do not have conversation. If you need to talk (quietly) before class, there are benches available outside the room next to the water station.

During Class
Bring a mat, a towel, a closed-lid water bottle, and enjoy dimly-lit classes while listening to music. Classes are dimly-lit to help remove self-consciousness and encourage students to focus inward.

YOGA MATS $2 to rent, a variety to buy

TOWEL (Full-sized for class, shower, and/or sport towel) $1 to rent, a variety to buy

WATER (Spring, Sport & Coconut) Prices vary

YOGA BLOCKS, STRAPS, & BOLSTERS located in the classroom— free to use in class

After Class
Much like before and during class, we encourage students to stay quiet and mindful of others they share the space with. Please take conversations outside the classroom.

You may also refill water, clean your mat with our Matsana mat sanitizer, and return rented mats and towels outside of the Spirit Room.

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Is there such a thing as yoga etiquette?

While there are no rules for yoga, there is a good code of etiquette students follow out of respect for their studio, teachers, fellow students, and personal development.


  • Remove shoes outside of classroom
  • Turn phones off & leave in locker
  • Practice silence
  • Make space for others
  • Avoid wearing any strong fragrance
  • Mind personal hygeine
  • Be respectful of the teacher and fellow students

I’m running late! What do I do?

Don’t panic if you’re late! And don’t judge if you came early— lateness happens! It’s a part of life. Please don’t panic and enter the room as quietly as you can. Center yourself and begin when you are ready (maybe a few stretches to open yourself up and prevent injury). If you see someone coming in late, no stink eyes. How would you feel if you really needed a good yoga class and you were late? We want everyone to enjoy his or her yoga, no matter what! Make room for them so they feel welcome and stagger your mats when class is busy.

What are your fees for yoga?

We have a variety of different pricing options here. We recommend an INTRODUCTORY WEEK, so you can experience a week of unlimited yoga for just $29. You can start an Introductory Week at any time.

Can I take one class at a time?

Yes. You can take a drop-in class at any time. Membership is not required to take classes.

What should I wear to yoga?

Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing that allows freedom of movement.

How can I avoid dehydration during a heated class?

Drink water all day so you’re only sipping water to maintain hydration during class.