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TriBalance Total Nutrition Program

What is the Tribalance Total Nutrition Program and how can it work for me?

Tribalance offers a wide range of nutrition programs that we customize to you and your specific needs, likes, as well as to your genetic makeup.

You will work alongside a nutritionist to learn the science of healthy eating, meal timing, portion sizes, and recommended supplements that can enhance your well being.

At Tribalance we walk with you on your nutrition journey while helping you implement personalized strategies that work for you. We understand the mind body connection and believe that to achieve optimal health and wellness we need to bring our whole selves into alignment.

We support clients in cultivating empowering, healthy, daily habits that address these 10 lifestyle pillars: nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, self-care, stress management, connection, nature, mindset and purpose. Together we will collaborate on achieving your goals. We are here to assist you with healing your relationship with yourself and with food, fueling pre/post workout for optimal performance, preventative health care and much, much more!

Let’s create a healthier version of an already amazing you!

1-on-1 Care

Create New Habits

Program Options & Details


Programmed to hold you accountable to the goals that brought you through the door in the first place. Here we work on mending your relationship with food and discover limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back in the past. We will give you tools to help break down those walls to step into the best version of yourself! Here we set up a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. Weekly one on one sessions, Meal plan, grocery list, and frequent check ins


One introductory session to gather past medical history, goals, and measurements. The nutritionist will then create a customized, evidence-based meal plan tailored to your lifestyle and your macro-nutrient needs that is simple to follow. Meal plans can be based off of your constitution – such as a blood type diet or an Ayurveda dosha diet, or any underlying diseases. Focus areas for meal plans include an immune boost, a hormone balance, gut reset, anti-inflammatory, the bulk up or lean down, vegan/vegetarian, and more. Recipes and grocery lists offered.

The 4 week Program is $400
includes First 60 minute consult- plus 3 more weekly one on one sessions
weekly Meal Plan, recipes, and grocery list


This 12 week program includes everything in the Total Nutrition Program and then we add on pre-mid and post body fat measurements. It takes 21 days to formulate a new habit and 3 months to really embrace the change. We don’t focus on the scale here. We focus on health from the inside out. In 12 weeks Let’s commit to making your health a priority and to nourishing your body a way of life.

12-week plan is $1200

Meet Your Nutritionist

Ellen is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist, with her Masters in Clinical Nutrition. She spent time in undergrad working with athletes and developing skills in Sports Nutrition. During her graduate program, she worked in cardiac rehab and coached cardiac patients while implementing yoga into their routine. Her current focus of nutrition involves helping clients create lasting habits and see food in a positive light. Ellen’s passion is to integrate all of her knowledge gained from yoga, nutrition, and other integrative healing modalities to help people live their most optimal, balanced lives.

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