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P A S S I O N: How do we know? 

I wasn’t in my mother’s womb doing handstands and backbends (although, she certainly disagrees).  I did not go to college in preparation to become a yoga teacher. In fact, it wasn’t until I was 23, that I actually even acknowledged yoga existed. And then it ruined my life. Yep, every test I had taken to go to law school, every 100 page application I had filled out, gone. This was the day my passion came to light. How do we know? Well I’m no expert, but here’s three way you could be on your way!

1. Time

Where did I spend it? In a yoga studio! #duh. I arranged my work schedule to go to yoga. While every other bottom of the totem poler was working their ass off to get the next promotion, I was figuring out how fast I could get out of work to get the train home to catch a yoga class. Working until 7pm to overachieve?! No. Getting up at 4am to get to yoga? Yes.

If you find yourself working around your work schedule, it could be a BIG sign you’re in the wrong place!

2. Losing It

I was 26 years old working for a major advertising company in the city of Chicago. I worked with the biggest clients in the marketing world, I had the best leaders in the industry training me, and I genuinely loved the people around me. Yet, I was miserable. As the book, The Untethered Soul explains, my roommate (that voice inside your head) kept saying… ‘but Cassie, this is what you’re SUPPOSED TO DO. You went to school, then college, then moved to the city to get a great job. You like this.’ WRONG. I calculated that I could have traveled across the United States eight times in the amount of time I spent commuting. So I lost it, and I quit. At 29, I was a bartender teaching two yoga classes.

You’re NOT losing it. But you may feel like it. #trusttheprocess

3. It’s Hard

Yep, I worked at Northwestern Mutual, Chase, Viacom… and this is THE hardest job I’ve ever had. Why? Because I care. I care a lot. I spend hours watching classes, going to classes, and listening to other teachers. Just for a 60 minute sequence. I practice hours upon hours by myself. I fall, but I get up. It’s the hardest job I’ll ever know. But you know what? It’s effort, but at the same time effortless. Because it’s what I TRULY love. It’s harder not to show up, than to show up. The passion drives the effort, which makes it effortless.

If you find that your job is hard… like REALLY hard, yet it makes you cry to think you couldn’t do it tomorrow because you’re utterly obsessed with everyone you’re surrounded by… I think you’re headed in the right direction.

Looking back, I see now, I was well on my way to yoga… before I even knew it.