Past Life Regression/Hypnosis Sessions w/ Haley

Clear your past- to build your future!

Our true nature is Love, but we often have forgotten who we really are. One path to awakening and remembering our spiritual identity is Past Life Regression Therapy. Past life journeys can be quite a powerful experience that can deepen your understanding of your life purpose and soul lessons. In our current and past lifetimes, we can repeat patterns and feel stuck. Past Life Regression may help release phobias, emotional conflicts, relationship problems, and physical ailments that ultimately limit your growth and well-being. Past Life regression sessions can give you deeper insight in order to heal mentally, emotionally and physically.  Haley is an intuitive energy healer who is also trained in clinical hypnotherapy.

Have you ever wondered who you may have been in a past life?

Session options for hypnosis:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Medical Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy/Depression, OCD
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Ineffective Habits/ Phobias
  • Pain Management (Hypnosis and energy clearing)
  • Peak Performance, Focus and Creativity

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Go On A Journey with Haley Bogdan

Haley’s own past life regression experiences has given her a profound insight into understanding the patterns in her current life and awakened a deep emotional realization of her true spiritual identity. Regression work and hypnosis is her passion and has a deep spiritual connection and her intuitive nature allows to be combined with a variety of methods including: past life regression, hypnotherapy, journeying, reiki, the soul journey and other modalities to help her clients heal body, mind and spirit.  

I offer professional services to people who want to feel and be their best. I am a certified Hypnotists (C.H.t) with the ICBCH, a Past Life Practitioner, and Reiki Master. Hypnotherapy, I believe, is a therapeutic process built upon a foundation of helping, of empathy, and sincerely desiring to help people make changes, feel positive, and accomplish their goals in life. Hypnosis is a fantastic tool for addressing anxiety, depression, confidence, insomnia, weight gain and much more. My services are designed to help you master true empowerment, relaxation and new skills. Besides these modalities, I use intuitive and astral journeying to confirm what clients are seeing/feeling in a regression state to help clear out old/stuck energies in order to heal and move on and release.