Life Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness with Victoria

Clear your past- to build your future!

I’m Victoria, and I’m a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Path to Purpose Practitioner, Marketing Director and Graphic Designer. I also have certifications in Theta Healing and Access Bars.


The heart of coaching is the creation of a conscious relationship with the people that I desire to help and serve. In that relationship, you find the safety and support you need to dream, challenge your current realities, and be held accountable to make real, lasting changes. Sometimes we often find ourselves responding to things outside of ourselves — our jobs, relationships, and circumstances — without ever finding the time or stillness in which to ask, “What is it I really want?” and develop tools to make that vision a reality. I focus on helping you find your inner power and wisdom so that you can live in alignment with your higher self and create the life of your dreams.

Session options for Life Coaching:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Anxiety and Stress and Time Management
  • Ineffective Habits/ Phobias
  • Peak Performance, Focus and Creativity

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Coaching Isn't Therapy. It is product Development, With You As The Product!