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Positive Change – A 90 Day P.U.S.H. Testimonial

Ninety days ago I was not in a very good place in my life.  I am a quite person so I keep most things to myself and stray away from asking for help even when I desperately need it.  I joined this challenged to try and change my life.  I wanted to be stronger, I wanted to be healthier, and let’s face it – I really wanted to lose weight.  The program started off being extremely difficult for me.  It was hard to motivate myself to make it in to yoga.  It was difficult to cut certain indulgences out of my diet.  But before I knew it, these things became a habit.

I looked forward to the time on my mat.  I truly loved the new food I was eating – and more importantly how it made me feel.

I started to sleep.  I started smile.  I stopped stressing.  I stopped crying. 

The change took over my life in such a positive way I decided to up my challenge for myself to 6 days a week for work outs and making changes in my home life.  I learned to surround myself with people who only lift me up rather then bring me down.  I printed out affirmations to read to myself, but also gave them to others in hopes for them to see the beauty with in.

I am proud of myself for the muscle gained and the weight lost, but to my surprise that is not the change I am eager to share.  I just feel better.  I got a new pair of eyes to see this world with, and it truly is a beautiful place.  This team of positive teachers and fellow PUSHers could change the universe – even if it’s only one person’s universe at a time.

Thanks, Joy and the PUSH team, for your light.  – Allison C.