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Proved I Am Capable of Doing MORE! – 90 DAY PUSH TESTIMONIAL

I started this Push challenge as a tool to strengthen my marriage.  My husband and I have a beautiful baby boy, Mason. Like most parents we both work full time to provide for our son.  Also, like most parents, we started putting our needs last. I had noticed a shift in our relationship, we were both tired, grumpy and short with one another.  We put all of our energy into loving and chasing after our toddler, along with feeding Mason good wholesome food. However, we let frozen pizzas or fast food take over for something “quick for dinner” most nights a week (that’s if I were awake to even eat dinner after our son was asleep).  I knew something needed to change because we can’t give our son the best of ourselves if we were constantly drained. Well, if I got back to my pre baby weight that would be a bonus!

Tribalance has been my sanctuary for the past 5 years.  I have done so much healing and growing; through their amazing yoga teacher training, and now having the honor to be on their schedule to teach prenatal yoga amongst all of the beautiful souls who teach there.  I wanted to see if the amazing team there could work their magic on my husband to help get his priorities straight to care more for himself inside and out. I knew this Push Challenge could truly benefit my family and it has!

Thank you Joy, words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you as my teacher and friend.  Joey, thank you for pushing me in boot camps to help me improve on my physical and mental strength to prove to myself that I am capable of doing more.  I also want to thank Michael, Cisco and Paco for kicking my husband’s butt in boot camps and boxing. He really enjoys your classes guys! Shawnda, your studio touches so many lives, it is truly amazing, and I am honored to be a part of the Tribalance Family. Joe and I look forward to continuing to take classes and this healthy lifestyle in 2018 and beyond!