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What can you do in 90 DAYS? Let’s Find Out! Let us guide you and motivate you to hit you fitness goals and make this New Year’s a night to really celebrate YOU!

The Launch – Goal Setting and Measurements:
Launch day-  October 3rd and 4th-  We will be doing goal setting

Pre-Measurements Saturday Sept 29th & Sunday Sept 30th

The Plan  Take a minimum of 5 classes a week.  Any of our yoga classes, fitness classes, meditation, or personal training sessions too

Weekly weigh-ins, and pre and post body fat measurements • Follow the Food Plan – let us help – we will have a few options available for you to follow-  and even access to our support staff along the way

Online support and information. Weekly support emails,! We have a Facebook group to join to support and encourage each other through this journey. Nutrition tips and recipes and how to survive the holidays guide. Lots of fun yummy and healthy alternatives for holiday dining

THE PRIZE: CONFIDENCE! And Increase in your self worth, More energy, More Stamina, Looking and feeling like you deserve to feel everyday of your life, Feeling good in your clothes again-  and Feeling good in your own skin again!


AND… 1st place 1-Year membership • 2nd place 3 month membership • 3rd place 1 hour massage

FINANCIALS: Discounted membership rate for non auto members: $95/month and a huge 90% discount for testing and nutrition plan, materials, etc. of $99

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: It takes 21 days to form a new habit and in the grand scheme of life, that’s not so long…THIS IS TEMPORARY AND YOU ARE FOREVER…AND YOU ARE WORTH IT!