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TriBalance front desk image

The ‘why’ in Tri! How we were built!

Yoga encompasses a full connection between mind, body, and spirit. Yoga comes from within; an organic journey that involves raw, life force energy to release what no longer serves us, and to trust that what remains… is always enough. To truly commit to this idea, we knew that TriBalance had to start from an organic build. TriBalance was built from remainders and scraps that were able to be turned into beautiful aspects of our studio today.

TriBalance studio hallway image

As you begin your journey through TriBalance, you will enter to see the front desk that was given to us from a condo building that was to be torn down. The half oval shaped desk is accompanied by a backsplash that is made from wood we recycled from (company name). We formed palettes that look 3-dimensional by bringing forth certain pieces of wood. Our trademark logo, the TriBalance triangle, is in the middle. The triangle is the strongest of all simple shapes and structures. Each side braces the two opposite sides, so they can’t move in relation to each other. Man and nature rely on the triangle, because its difficult to topple. That’s the principle of TriBalance – simple, stable support to empower you in ALL aspects of life: mind, body, and spirit.

The journey continues down the hallway with brick that we made into trim. All of the cast iron adornments that decorate the hallways, along with the brick, came from an old house that was to be torn down. We were also able to use the windows from the house to fill in above our lego wall. As you round the corner, a yellow lego wall represents our MIND room.

TriBalance Mind Room image

We don’t know how someone ended up with enormous legos, but we’re sure glad they did! We’re even more grateful they were given to us!

The tile throughout the men’s bathroom was found on Craigslist.

TriBalance men's locker room

Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on sparkly tile from a space in Times Square that was to be made into a Forever 21 store, for the women’s bathroom. Fitting, right?!

As you continue to walk down the hallway, our chalkboard is lit up by LED lights, made by hand from our electrician. This board shares inspirational quotes, workshops we host at the studio, and all exciting news or events we have going on.

TriBalance message board

We love to keep our community informed and growing together. You’ll be able to see names of our students and their progress through various programs we have available at TriBalance. Whether its 30 classes in 30 days or our infamous 90 day PUSH, its an amazing feeling to see how hard our community works to enhance their lives.

The SPIRIT room is completely recycled from our old studio down the mall. Everything from the floors, mirrors, and even paint were able to be reused. The only thing we added were crates from an air freight which resembles how far we’ve come from the corporate world to an organic space that enriches the lives of others. Right outside of the Spirit studio, is a fountain that also came from a house.

TriBalance classroom

The Buddha represents peace and stillness… the feeling as you enter our SOUL room. The core of our studio .

TriBalance soul room image

TriBalance Soul room image

The last piece of TriBalance leads to our BODY room.

TriBalance fitness room

TriBalance fitness room

As you continue down the hall, we have an old church pew that students can gather around and talk before class. The walls are decorated with structures that came from a Crate & Barrel photo shoot. On the left, just past the church pew, is our water area. We cant have hot yoga without plenty of healthy H2O! Our water is from Pure Health Solutions and is triple filtered reverse osmosis water – the BEST around!

We come full circle at our last room, the BODY room. Everything is raw. The idea is to use YOUR body weight and get creative. We offer conditioning, bootcamp, rush hour classes, and boxing. We have it all!

TriBalance bootcamp image

Please feel free to stop in anytime to see our beautiful space. We offer classes for everyONE.

TriBalance – simple, stable support to empower you in ALL aspects of life: mind, body, and spirit.