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Top Shelf Wellness


My name is Vincent Lullo, I grew up in Des Plaines, attended EGHS, and completed my nursing program at Harper College. My passion for healthcare and helping others grew over my years of playing competitive hockey and spending too much time in the ER sick or injured. I enjoyed a wide variety of settings during my 6 years as a nurse such as: short-term rehab, long-term care, wound care coordinator, 1-on-1 student nursing at high school and elementary school, and assisted living and memory care! While I loved being a nurse and helping people I always knew there was more that could be done for these individuals and that healthcare as a whole lacks an emphasis on prevention and is focused on waiting until there is an ailment to treat. I became aware of cryotherapy when seeking out new ways to improve my health & wellness and eliminate pains from previous injuries. I tried floating (sensory deprivation) and cryotherapy and the seed for Top Shelf Wellness was planted.

Top Shelf Wellness currently offers localized cryotherapy, compression therapy, vibration therapy, and soon red light therapy! Maybe PEMF or salt therapy.

– Localized cryotherapy can provide benefits of reducing pain, reducing inflammation/swelling, increasing range of motion (ROM) in joints, faster recover time, boost mood & energy levels, boost collagen production, reduce fat, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, minimize migraines, and soothe skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, etc!

– Compression therapy for legs, arms, or hips can provide benefits of improving blood flow circulation throughout the body, increase joint ROM, reduce inflammation, facilitate deep relaxation, decrease muscle fatigue, and promote healing & recovery. Use it before a workout to help relax, warmup, and loosen muscles & joints OR use it after a workout to speed up recovery time and reduce muscle soreness.

– Vibration therapy can provide benefits of regaining muscle tone, improving balance, increase blood flow circulation and oxygen delivery to muscles, increase ROM and flexibility, accelerate recovery of acute recent injuries or even improve condition of chronic pain and heal old damage.


Local Cryotherapy

(Pain, Energy Boost, migraines, Skin Condition, etc.)

  • Single Session
  • 6-Session Pack
    $240 $40/Tx)
  • 12-Session Pack
    $360 ($30/Tx)

Compression Therapy

(30 Minutes)

  • Single Session
  • 6-Session Pack
    $150 ($25/Tx)
  • 12-Session Pack
    $240 ($20/Tx)

Freeze & Squeeze

(Local Cryo & Compression Therapy)

  • Single Session
  • 6-Session Pack
    $360 ($60/Tx)
  • 12-Session Pack
    $540 ($45/Tx)