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TriBalance 30 Day challenge and What it means to me

Here at TriBalance we offer several challenges and different incentives to help encourage us all to reach and maintain or fitness/lifestyle goals.  Our current 30 day challenge kicked off on July 1st and we currently have 82 participants. Way to go!



The Fitness/Yoga lifestyle has a different meaning for all of us and our goal here at TriBalance is to encourage and nurture your personal growth. We would love to hear what it means to you and how we have help it grow.

Here is what the 30 day challenge means to Rebecca.

To me the 30 day challenge is about stretching your limits of what you are capable of. It is about working harder and smarter than you initially thought possible and coming out stronger for it. It is seeing that you actually do have more time for yoga and fitness with a little attention, planning and dedication. The key to the 30 day challenge is planning and flexibility but also listening to your body. Knowing when you need a Yin yoga class or when your body really could use a bootcamp to push your limits.

One thing that is special about the 30 day challenge is that it forces you to get out of your comfort zone. It forces yoga only students to branch out and try conditioning because that was the only thing that fits in their schedule or bootcamp because its now available every weekday morning super early and they have an appointment after work (5:30 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. are pretty early! But a great way to feel accomplished before heading to work).

11 months ago I re-started my yoga journey and this just proves that every class puts me in a better position. 11 months ago I was sore for 3 days from a conditioning class and now I can do bootcamp classes followed by hot yoga or  the hot yoga class followed up with the conditioning class and get up in the morning ready for more!

Now I won’t tell you I’ve lost x amount of weight doing the 30 day challenge because to be truthful I stopped weighing myself last month. What I can tell you is that I feel strong and I feel good. I have an amazing amount of energy. 11 months ago it was a struggle to get out of bed most days but I worked on it, I put a priority on ME with self care and I now have more energy.

TriBalance generally does many challenges throughout the year including this 30 day challenge and the 90 Day Push but what this challenge got me thinking was you don’t need a challenge to challenge yourself. After this challenge is over, think of other ways to tiptoe outside of your comfort zone. Once you complete the 30 day challenge maybe you try the 90 Day Push this year or just focus on doing more than you did before.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 30 day challenge and don’t forget what you learned on your mat.  Remember the dedication and what YOU are capable of.

– Rebecca Eccles

If you wish to share what the 30 day challenge means to you please email us and we will share it with our community.