Introducing our new Holistic Prenatal Consultant service with our Holistic Doula and Birth keeper Jordan

After becoming pregnant with her first child, Jordan found her passion in the birthing world. For the last 5 Years Jordan has been studying birth and pre/post natal care. She completed her Holistic Doula Certification in 2021. Jordan is currently completing her Midwife Educational Training. Jordan offers a personalized and holistic model of care to support and educate families during their prenatal and postpartum journey. Her birthing support sessions gives you one on one attention providing you with information to help you discover your pregnancy and birth preferences along with postpartum tools and education for you, baby and family. You will learn how to trust your body and instincts feeling empowered and prepared for birth giving you a positive birthing experience. You can expect to learn different comfort techniques for mom and birth partners. You will become confident and in control of your birth. You will learn how to create your personalized birth plan and how to hire the right support team. You will learn what to expect during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Your Birth consultant sessions with give you the tools you need to have a beautiful and meaningful birth experience.

Taking appointments starting January 2022

Jordan is available for phone consults and in person sessions

Pricing Depending on packages. Call front desk for more info and to schedule