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30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge

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  • Wed, Feb 1st
  • This is a 30-day challenge
  • Included in auto-debit membership, $99 for non-members

Take the TriBalance 30-Day Challenge

Transform your life and transform your body! Make a commitment to make yourself the best you can be. Take the 30-day challenge for a new body and a positive new attitude. Discover unhealthy habits and attitudes and replace them with positive new ones. This is one of the most rewarding gifts you will ever give yourself—and your loved ones who support you.

What is the 30-Day Challenge?

It is making a commitment to yourself and to your health.  Your task is to complete 30 classes in 30 days. Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a daily practice!

Challenge Rules

Participate in a yoga class at least six (preferably seven) days each week for 30 days. (If you need a day off each week, make up with a double class the following day.)

If you practice at another studio, please bring proof of your practicing there. 

Remember, when you sign up to do the challenge, you are making a commitment to yourself. Keep the commitment and see the difference it will make in your life! You may even want to keep a daily journal during the challenge, noting you observations.

Having doubts that you can do it? Even more reason to jump in and conquer that self-doubt! It is time to step outside your comfort zone and make some changes! You might want to find a buddy to support you in your challenge. 

To Sign up for the Challenge

  • Stop at the front desk
  • Sign up and get started any day from Feb 1st to Feb 10th
  • Pay the $99 special challenge month fee  (Auto Debit Members, you are already good to go on this)
  • Record your name on the Challenge Board
  • Track your progress each day on the Challenge Board

What is your reward?

A sense of Accomplishment, a new lease on life, more energy, and so much more!

ALSO for those who complete all 30 Days you will receive $20.00 in TRIBALANCE BUCKS

Use your credited bucks to pay for clothing, water, classes, etc.  Treat yourself to something nice.  You deserve it.  Your name will also be published in the Tribalance newsletter.