Mommy-N-Me Yoga | TriBalance

Mommy-N-Me Yoga

Mommy-N-Me Yoga

With Nicole C.

  • Sun, Mar 18th
  • Noon - 1:00pm
  • 15

For new mamas with newborns to crawlers (every baby is different and reach their milestones at different ages; this is why age is not specified; so just before your baby is on the move!)

Spend an hour with other new moms; flow together, bond with your baby, share new mom experiences and of course show off your precious bundle of joy! This is an opportunity to connect back to your practice, or begin your yoga journey.

Is it baby’s nap time? That’s perfectly fine, more “you” time on your mat. Is it time to feed baby? No worries, we support both bottle and breast fed babies. What if your baby cries? That’s not a problem, it’s good for baby to release and express their emotions. This class is for the Tribalance community of new mom’s supporting other new mom’s in a fun and safe environment.

What you’ll need: Bring your mat, diaper bag, and blanket for baby to lay on your mat (boppy pillows are also welcome, but not necessary). If baby is asleep when you arrive, bring them in their carseat.