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Past Life and Life Between Life Journey

Past Life and Life Between Life Journey

With Haley

  • Fri, Jun 28th
  • 6 - 8:30pm
  • 40

Past Life and Life Between Life Journeys are powerful experiences which deepen the understanding of your life purpose, talents, and Soul lessons. Many people have healed the root cause of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship patterns that have carried over into this life through Past Life Regression and Life Between Life sessions. This workshop will help you to better understand your unique Soul’s evolution.

In this workshop you will:

· Take a group guided journey to meet your spirit guides, loved ones on the other side, where you can deepen your connection with them to receive inspiration and guidance for your life purpose.

· Experience a hypnotic group guided past life regression to learn about patterns you have carried into this lifetime.

· Learn about your Soul age, types, missions, challenges/fears and how they impact your life today.

· Learn about the afterlife, soul groups, hall of records, council of elders, hybrid souls, planetary sojourns.

These powerful journeys connect us with the joy of our immortal Soul and remind us we are not alone.