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Reiki III Master Training & Attunement

Reiki III Master Training & Attunement

With TriBalance Acupuncture

  • Sun, Sep 16th
  • 1 - 6pm
  • 150

Max # of students: 10

TriBalance Acupuncture & Reiki is excited to offer our first Reiki Level 3 attunement and training. This workshop is open to anyone who has previously been trained and attuned in Reiki Levels 1 and 2. Students should be prepared to take an even deeper look into this ancient energy balancing technique, as a method for healing, and also a path to spiritual advancement.  Students will be taught the Reiki III symbols and learn how to appropriately apply them in full Reiki sessions from start to finish.  The Reiki Master Level 3 training and attunement represents a deep commitment and an in-depth understanding of the Reiki practice.  All participants will receive the Usui master attunement to strengthen their Reiki energy and will attain the master symbols as well as many other non-traditional Reiki symbols.

In this training, we will explore subtle energy exercises and learn ways to enhance intuitive abilities.  Students will be able to perform group Reiki sessions and can set up the most effective environment for treatments. Additionally, students will also be taught to use Reiki for pregnancy, children and life transitions, along with discover advanced Reiki techniques to remove negative energy, solve problems and achieve specific goals. We will also study a variety of healing gemstones, crystals, energy grids and essential oils to explore how to use them during a Reiki session.


  • Reiki I & II training and attunement

Materials needed

Not necessary but very helpful

  • pendulum
  • crystal wand
  • 7 chakra stones
  • notebook & pen

10 student maximum— reserve your spot at the front desk or call us at TriBalance 847-301-7305.

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