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Reiki Level II Training & Attunement

Reiki Level II Training & Attunement

With Cherlyn

  • Sun, Jun 24th
  • 1 - 6pm
  • 150

Max # of participants: 10

This workshop is open to anyone who has previously been trained and attuned in Reiki I. Students should be prepared to take a deeper look into this ancient energy balancing technique, as a method for healing, and also a path to spiritual advancement. Students will be taught the Reiki II symbols and learn how to apply them, being able to conduct a full Reiki session from start to finish. There will be an in-depth discussion on how to use Reiki for different health ailments and concerns. Students will learn to develop their intuition so they are able to detect where and when treatment is needed. The Reiki distance healing technique will be presented as well and students will be given time to practice and ask questions. Additionally, students will have an understanding of how to practice self-Reiki. This class will be a combination of lecture, discussion and practical application.Ā  Any questions please email!


  • Reiki I training and attunement

Materials needed

  • The Original Reiki Handbook by Dr. Mikao Usui and Christine M. Grimm
  • Reiki for Dummies by Nina L. Paul
  • Blank notebook and Pen

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