The Lower Body: Support for the Low Back and Healthy Hips: Class 1 Strength and Stability | TriBalance

The Lower Body: Support for the Low Back and Healthy Hips: Class 1 Strength and Stability

The Lower Body: Support for the Low Back and Healthy Hips: Class 1 Strength and Stability

With Joy

  • Sat, Jan 26th
  • 12-3pm
  • $30/class

This Class is 3 CEU's with Yoga Alliance

Whether it is due to injury, stress, nutrition deficiency, inflammation or generalized aging some sort of hip and/or low back pain are experienced by almost everyone at some point in their life. It can range from an occasional flare up, aching pain that keeps you up at night, or debilitating constant pain you feel all the time. There are more and more people using pain medications to get through these flare ups and although the medical community means well, prescription medications are not going to fix and rid the problems, and can cause all sorts of other issues. This 5 class workshop series will feature:
• Anatomy of the Lower Body- feet, legs, hip, low back and core
• Overview of different types of hip and back pain and common injuries
• Explore healthy postural and movement principles to help reduce pain and prevent future injury
• Learn gentle sequences to stabilize and strengthen the hips and lower back and muscles impacting them
• Explore some of the possible emotional and energetic links to the physical issues in the body and a safe space to clear some of that away
• Guided Breath work and simple daily meditations to help cope with stress, anxiety and pain

Class 1 ~Saturday January 26th 12-3pm Anatomy, Common Challenges in the Hips and Low Back; Finding Alignment, Working the under worked muscles to support us in alignment and working Joint Stability $30    This Class is 3 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance

Sign up for just one or look ahead to check out the rest of the series…

Class 2 ~Sunday January 27th 12-2:30pm Hydration and Nutrition Tips and the impact this plays on spine health; Pranayama, Safe Twisting and Spine Health $30

Class 3~Saturday February 9th 12-2:30pm Why Back bending is so important and what is back there energetics talk $30

Class 4~Sunday February 10th 12-2pm Mindfulness and Meditation; Creating Space- Unloading the spine and finding space in the joints- $30

Class 5~Sunday February 10th 3-5pm Turning of the Stress Response; Restore and Rebalance – Restorative Yoga!!! $30

Students and Teachers welcome! Come and take one section or sign up for them all!
Participants will receive detailed handouts so that they can practice at home
This workshop is for anyone interested in reducing chronic lower back pain or who is at a point in recovering from injury where they have been given permission by their doctor to engage in exercise. This workshop is also for yoga teachers who are interested in learning effective tools for serving students or clients with lumbar or sacral iliac conditions.  CEU’s available for yoga alliance registered teachers