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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

With Julie

  • Sun, Aug 27th
  • 2 - 4pm
  • 25

Max # of participants: 15

Experience the practice of altered consciousness known as yoga nidra, also called yogic sleep. Yoga nidra is a style of deep, guided meditation and full-body relaxation. We will start with a brief presentation discussing an overview, benefits and applications of yoga nidra, followed by experiencing a complete yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra has been studied in its effectiveness to improve sleep quality, reduce stress, support mental health, and is a great complement to asana and other meditation styles, or as a standalone practice. If you can comfortably lie down for an hour and listen, you can do yoga nidra.

No experience required. Please bring a yoga mat and dress in comfortable, loose clothing. Blankets and bolsters will be provided. If you typically feel cold, please consider bringing your own extra blanket(s) or dressing for warmth.