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Past Lifetime Regression: Exploring Your Previous Lives

November 16th, 2024

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Past Lifetime Regression: Exploring Your Previous Lives

Ever feel like you were somebody else in a past lifetime?
Have you ever visited a place for the first time, but felt at home and instinctually knew your way around?
Have you ever had a Déjà vu? A dream where you were a different person?
Ever have irrational fears or unexplained reactions to situations? Wonder where they might come from?
Is death really the end?
Discover how other cultures view death and the afterlife as we explore what happens to the soul after it leaves the body. (Tibetan and Egyptian Book of the Dead)
The workshop includes a few past lifetime regression when you too could travel beyond time and space and retrieve aspects of your souls, and even skills you have lost in former lives.
These guided meditations can help you:
•   Gain access to former lives.
•   Create a space for healing phobias, and removing blocks.
•   Release physical and emotional pain.

The workshop answers questions such as:
Why don’t we remember past lives? Where do all the souls come from? Did I reincarnate with my family members before?

Travel through time as you access your past lives.
Gahl is also available for private past lifetime regressions and astrological readings while in town, email him directly

Gahl E. Sasson is an acclaimed astrologer and sought-after speaker. His book on Kabbalah earned the endorsement of HH the 14th Dalai Lama. Often referred to as “the GPS of the soul,” his eight astrology books have captivated readers globally, with translations in multiple languages. Beyond the stars, Gahl delves into the realms of mythology, symbolism, and storytelling, contributing academic papers and enlightening audiences at international seminars and workshops. Residing in Los Angeles, you can connect with him at or join his complimentary Sunday classes on Zoom and Instagram at @Cosmic_Navigator.

Gahl Sasson is an established author and has been teaching workshops on Storytelling, Kabbalah, Astrology, and Mysticism around the globe for over 20 years. His first book, A Wish Can Change Your Life, has been translated into over eight languages and is endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His second work, Cosmic Navigator, is the essential reference guide to understanding your astrological makeup. Since 2018 Gahl has been publishing a yearly bestselling book on the astrology of the upcoming year.

He is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and, and has been named “Los Angeles’ Best Astrologer” by W Magazine. He is a guest lecturer at USC, Tel Aviv University, and teaches at Esalen, Omega Institute, University of Judaism, and the Open Center in NYC. He has appeared on CNN, ABC News, KTLA-TV Los Angeles to name a few. His academic paper, Symbolic Meaning of Names in the Bible was published by the Journal of Storytelling, Self, & Society. He currently resides in Los Angeles but gives seminars and workshops regularly in over 13 countries. Gahl’s website and podcast: Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show. His Instagram: Cosmic_Navigator

Saturday – November 16th


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