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The Family As A Constellation: Overcoming Ancestral Inheritance

November 17th, 2024

6:00pm -8:30pm


The Family As A Constellation: Overcoming Ancestral Inheritance & Receiving The Gifts From Our Stars

Souls travel in clusters- your family, friends, loved ones, pets, and even worst enemies are your kin-souls, who continue to reincarnate with you in different roles. In this workshop, we explore the mystical, mythological, psychological, and spiritual effects of your intergenerational transfer, which manifests through your genes, traumas, diseases, and hardships.
Since Pluto is moving from Capricorn (past) to Aquarius (future), it is the best time for ancestral healing.

The workshop includes:

Hereditary patterns – the story of Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Minerva and how it relates to your family

Family constellation and zodiacal embodiment

Intergenerational transfer cleanse meditation

Enacting your Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus to balance and heal relationships with parents and partners.

The renowned astrologer and Kabbalah teacher Gahl Sasson will shed light on the relationship between astrology and your family, and Elitsa Velikova will lecture and give simple exercises for self-exploration through the family constellation method.

By an often hidden, but bonding loyalty, we unconsciously carry over behavioral patterns and attitudes from our ancestors. These loyalties often have a huge impact on our couple relationship. Our ancestors leave us with a kind of blueprint, or mind-set, about life and relationships. This mind-set is a major determining factor in whether our relationships are happy. Lasting change will come about when you become aware of these patterns and learn to let go of destructive behaviors and attitudes inherited from your ancestors. Integrating the wisdom of THE BASIC ORDERS OF LOVE and the zodiac mythology will give you the power and insights to heal yourself and, of course, improve your relationship skills.

Using Family Constellations and Astrology, this workshop will help you to:

·       Recognize what it takes to make your relationship work and to create healthy, lasting, nurturing and fulfilling relationships.
·       Understand the root of some marriage and relationship problems and unlock the key to solving and fixing relationship and marriage problems.
·       Learn how to end painful relationship patterns and how to heal and transform your relationship from within.
·       Heal from the emotional wounds of the past and stop self-sabotage from improving or saving your relationship or marriage.
• Make peace with our parents and accept ourselves as we are

What is the program of the event?

-       Lectures on Astrology and the family as constellation
-  family constellation method main principles
– guided visualizations and structured exercises alone and in a small group setting
– sharing, Q & A
– resource-oriented small exercises

When we regain balance from the past ancestral imprints, our personal suffering and difficulties can be transformed into a force for something new and good.

Who is this event for?
• Everyone, who wants to learn more about Astrology and Family Constellation
• Anyone who wants to gain more inner strength, inner freedom, success, abundance and love and repair and strengthen family and couple relationships
• Men and women who may experience difficulty in their relationships, as well as singles who want to find out what is on the way of their love
•  People, who might feel they have a bigger potential but there is something stopping them to unfold it
• Parents who want to support their children in even better ways
• Professionals – therapists, psychologists, astrologers, people working with people, and for those who are already familiar with astrology and/or the family constellation method and want to expand their range of techniques and continue to have own insights into their family system

Gahl E. Sasson is a leading astrologer and public speaker. His book on Kabbalah was endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His eight books on Astrology have been dubbed “the GPS of the soul,” and translated into various languages. Gahl has published academic papers on mythology and storytelling, and he teaches seminars and workshops around the world on astrology, Kabbalah, mythology, relationships, storytelling, and symbolism. He currently lives in Los Angeles. His website is Join his free weekly Sunday class via zoom or Instagram: @Cosmic_Navigator

Elitsa Velikova
Elitsa is the Director of the Arts & Therapy Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a psychologist, expressive arts therapist with degrees from Switzerland and London, UK. Art Therapy Honorary Tutor at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, and facilitator of workshops, trainings and therapeutic groups.

She’s specialized in a wide range of psychological and therapy methods, such as healing of childhood traumas, holistic counseling, family therapy, self-awareness groups, creative therapies, and meditations. She’s been the keynote speaker and workshops leader in a number of countries, such as China, USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, etc.

Since 2004 she’s been working with adults, children and couples in individual and group setting.

Sunday – November 17th


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