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Touch is a basic human need

What is Massage?

Massage is a manual therapy that manipulates the soft tissues of the body and can be used for relaxing tense muscles, alleviating pain stemming from imbalances or dysfunction in the body and even increasing athletic performance and productivity.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Increases circulation;
  • enhances the immune system;
  • promotes nervous system functioning;
  • reduces blood pressure;
  • relieves pain and muscle tension; including pain from fibromyalgia
  • improves mood, intellectual reasoning and can increase quality of life;
  • increase muscle tone;
  • Decrease tension that causes headaches
  • boost the functioning of the immune system and maintains health when done regularly;
  • Reduce Scar Tissue
  • allow better range of motion and support the connective tissue and muscles


1 Hour $65

Monthly Subscription $49

Includes one 1-hour massage per month. Subscription locks in $49 rate for any additional massages.

Marc, Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist


Monday 5 – 9pm
Tuesday 3 – 8pm
Wednesday 9 – 1pm
Saturday 8 – 1pm
Sunday 9 – 1pm (By appointment only)

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Rassanne, Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Yoga Instructor


Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Yoga Instructor


Thursday 12 – 7pm

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